Every Individual Has The Potential To Be An Impact GuruTM

We believe in your power to make someone smile, to save someone's life, to foster brilliant ideas, to make a social change and to be the impact you want to make in the world.

An Impact Guru is someone who envisions change, who finds solutions to social problems, who steps up to support another change-maker, who makes kindness a habit, who dares to follow his/her dream, or who simply helps out a friend in need.

We believe that each individual holds the power to effect great change and given the right tools and the right backing, can become an Impact Guru himself/herself. We've built an easy-to-use platform to transform individuals into Impact Gurus, who will lead the world to goodness. We offer the best online tools to mobilize the crowd towards great ideas and projects and get good things done fast.

About Impact GuruTM

We are a tech-for-good platform that provides complete crowdfunding solutions to empower individuals, NGOs and social enterprises to raise funds for medical emergencies, personal needs, creative projects or any social cause - be it big or small. We aim to bring together generosity with need to maximise people's potential to do good.

Every Individual Has The Potential To Be An Impact GuruTM

The right answer is always inherent in the right question. Our co- founder, Piyush Jain was fortunate enough to find the right question early in his life, which set him off to a journey of learning culminating into the birth of Impact Guru.

When Piyush was 14, he visited an orphanage in Lonavala. He was enjoying a game of cricket when a boy at the orphanage asked him an innocent question, Why do you get to have a family, have a comfortable home and go to school and not me? This question haunted Piyush for the rest of his schooling and his early career as an investment banker. At that orphanage, I was deeply moved and realized how lucky I was. I at once resolved to lead a life where I could utilize my skill sets to help as many people as possible.

Piyush went on to graduate from The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania and finished his Masters from John. F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University where he co-authored papers on non-equity financing for entrepreneurial ventures. He subsequently pursued a career in management consulting at Boston Consulting Group.

But in the back of his head, the question continued to bother him. Then came the turning point. In December 2013, seven-time Formula One champion, Michael Schumacher, Piyush's idol, faced a serious head injury while skiing with his son and was paralysed. This was a sort of warning to me that life is short and the right time to begin is now, said Piyush.

The urge to do something to answer that tormenting question coupled with Piyush's background in finance consulting and public policy led to the birth of Impact Guru - a donation-based crowdfunding platform. Khushboo Jain, who had a strong background in luxury marketing, PR, and human psychology also decided to spearhead the venture and joined as co-founder. In 2014, Impact Guru was incubated at the Harvard Innovation Lab, USA and a year later it was incubated at PACT, Impact Hub in Singapore.

Having travelled so far, we still have a long way to go. But from here on, the real impact of this crowdfunding venture can only come from the crowd, from each of YOU, Impact Gurus. So here's your question; How do you want to make a difference?

What We Do?

As a team, we assist, innovate, collaborate and support anyone who wants to use crowdfunding to make a positive difference. On any given day, you will see us talking to campaigners, writing their stories, making the platform more functional, reaching out to more NGOs and disbursing funds. We believe we can change the world - one fundraiser at a time.

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