Mradul Raised Funds To Sponsor An Underprivileged Boy’s Education

By: Mradul Sharma

Published On: August 15, 2018

Amount raised: Rs. 45,625

Number of donors: 19 

Mradul Sharma talks about how he reached his goal to make sure Sahil could continue going to school.

Some of us have studied in reputed schools, played in well built playgrounds and made lifelong friends through our schooling years. While we may boast of the same, it is vital for us to remember that millions of underprivileged kids in India remain uneducated due to lack of funds. From school fees, to books to uniforms - everything today costs a considerable amount of money, which is expensive for even the middle class and the rich to afford, let alone the poor. This fact was not lost on Mradul Sharma, who was determined to fund 11-year-old Sahil Bansode’s education and not let him lose out on his dreams because of lack of money. 

Sahil had been enjoying his school life till he came across a major roadblock in his path. Earlier, his annual school fees of Rs. 19,800 was waived off and brought down to Rs. 2170, since the boy belonged to a scheduled caste.

However this year,  his annual school fees increased to a whopping Rs. 39,960, which proved to be a major problem for his mother. She is a single mother who works as a cook and has two more children to look after. She was barely able to pay for Sahil’s education through the meager income she earned. But paying Rs. 39,960 was next to impossible for her. Her only option was to push him into child labour, but Sharma stepped in to help. 

He started a fundraiser Rs. 39,960 to fund the boy’s school fees and managed to surpass the goal amount. Sharma raised Rs. 45,625 through 19 donors!

"The fundraiser was first shared among few of my colleagues and friends. So my initial donation came from them. But the biggest support came from my family members where more than 30% of funds were generated with their support."

Here are the mediums that worked for Sharma:

Facebook: Sharma maintains that he got the maximum traction through Facebook. “Facebook was the most effective and useful medium.” He adds that the fundraiser was shared by many of his family members and friends on Facebook, that helped in getting more donations. 

Instagram and Twitter: Sharma says that Instagram and Twitter were also effective, but not as much as Facebook. He used these platforms to reach out to influential people. “I shared my fundraiser petition with established personalities on Instagram/Twitter. It was a bit far fetched but I tried my luck with Bill Gates, Anand Mahindra, Barack Obama, Sachin Tendulkar, Salman Khan, Aamir Khan, Amitabh Bachchan, John Abraham, Nita Ambani etc. When I did this, I happened to get an anonymous donation of Rs. 10,000/- [almost 20% of total funds], although I’m not sure if I got this donation through one of these personalities,” he says. 

Fundraising journey with Impact Guru 

 “In two words, it was life-changing, raising funds is the most difficult job.” 

“As usual, the fundraiser was started with lots of enthusiasm but there came a lull period,but with the anonymous donation, things picked up. I am really thankful to Impact Guru that they have been able to facilitate  such a noble cause.” 

”Spreading word about your fundraiser to the masses is the single most important act which leads to big changes.The result is tremendous. I recommend crowdfunding to everyone.”

You can check out his fundraiser here

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