With 1000 Shares And Loads of Love Rudransh Lives Cancer-Free

By: Kleio Bhagwati, Suraj Pandey

Published On: October 11, 2021



Little Rudransh was diagnosed with cancer days before his first birthday. The youngest in his family, the adorable boy, meant everything to his old grandparents, his older brother and his parents.

They wasted no time getting him to the right hospital and get tests and follow-up tests done. But we all know how expensive cancer is- it not only takes a toll on a family's finances but also their emotions.

The little one was burning with fever, and his immediate and expensive chemotherapy was questionable. That's when the doctors suggested crowdfunding as an option to the worried parents.

A little bit of internet search landed the Sharmas on https://www.crowdfundingindia.org

A quick comparison of different crowdfunding platforms made their choice easy. They joined crowdfunding with ImpactGuru.com- the most trusted crowdfunding platform in India.

With 1000 shares and lots of love, Rudransh completed his cancer treatment. The little man is all happy and fun, and his cancer days are just a nightmare that he has already forgotten.

Impact Guru thanks all the donors for saving another child from cancer. Your generosity made the impossible possible. 

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