Determined mother single-handedly raises money for Baby Mohd Wali with donor’s help

By: Ashwath Seshadri

Published On: July 29, 2020




The past year for Farheen Naz, a resident of Moradabad, has been perhaps the toughest time in her life. She got married young and had to put up with taunts from her family for giving birth to two daughters. When she conceived for the third time, her family forced her to abort the child fearing Farheen would again give birth to a girl child. But she stepped up to give birth to the baby. To her good luck, she gave birth to a boy, Mohd Wali. 

Her happiness was short-lived when on the second night after his discharge from the hospital, Mohd suddenly gasped for air. The doctors at the nearest hospital examined his health and informed the family that they suspected heart failure and that the infant might live only for a few days. Mohd Wali’s mother picked him up and somehow managed to rush him to Apollo Hospital, Delhi. At the hospital, the tests run diagnosed the infant with Congenital Heart Disease. The doctors informed him that open-heart surgery was required urgently to save him. 

Mohd Wali's surgery was estimated to cost Rs 6 lakh. Farheen had no means to arrange the sum. That’s when doctors recommended her to start a crowdfunding fundraiser on With little hope, the Farheen began a fundraiser. The moment it went live, to her surprise, she raised enough for the surgery in no time. 

Mohd Wali got the 2-and-a-half hours-long surgery in the nick of time. He was declared to be out of danger. Today, this beautiful boy is back home with his mom. Farheen Naz is grateful to all the strangers who came together and saved her child. 

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