Your help gave 16-year-old Shreyash a second chance at life!

By: Diamond Diwan

Published On: March 11, 2019

Funds Raised: Rs. 4,01,076

Number of Donations: 180

Diagnosis: Accident

Vidya Mamgain’s worst nightmare came true when she heard the news of her youngest child’s accident. Shreyash’s bike had been rammed into by 2 cars. Her young boy had sustained life-threatening cranial damage. She rushed to the hospital where doctors immediately told her that Shreyash would need multiple brain surgeries to survive.

Since there were no breadwinners in the family at the time, their financial situation was in a grave mess. However, Vidya was determined to save her son and tried to find different ways to do so. This is when she came to know about ImpactGuru where she found 180 kind donors to reached out to help. Vidya was able to raise over Rs. 4 Lakhs in 10 days and get her son the corrective surgeries for his skull fracture. It saved 16-year old Shreyash’s life.

Here, she tells us about her experience crowdfunding with us and how she went about it.

How did you get to know about ImpactGuru?

I was in the phase where I was trying to arrange for funds for my son. He had already undergone one surgery by then and needed another one almost immediately. My relatives helped me out as much as they could but I knew it wouldn’t be enough. This is when my friend from Hyderabad called me and told me that I should try creating a fundraising page on

Did you have any doubts about crowdfunding online?

Actually, no. My friend had already ensured me of ImpactGuru’s authenticity as he had personally experienced it. He told me that “Vidya, it’s safe, and the funds will reach you safely.” I started a fundraiser on the same day itself.

What medium worked the most for you?

I think sharing the fundraiser regularly with friends and family on WhatsApp and Facebook.

What was the response of the people you shared it with?

It was a heart-warming experience. I am from Haryana originally and the people there do not know much about crowdfunding. They were curious and wanted to know everything about how the platform worked. Shreyash’s teachers, my long lost relatives… I heard from people that I had not spoken to in years, who reached out to help instantly!

How did you utilize the funds that you received?

Shreyash was still very critical then and he needed urgent brain surgery to save his life. My campaign manager helped me with the process while the hospital was able to access the funds quickly.

There are so many lovely and helpful people out there - you just have to know how to connect to them.

  • Vidya Mamgain

The entire family is immensely grateful to their well-wishers and ImpactGuru for helping them in their time of crisis. Shreyash has been discharged from hospital and was steadily recovering at home in Visakhapatnam. He has had one successful surgery on the 18th of January, 2019. His next operation is in April. We, at, wish Shreyash a quick, happy recovery and wish him all the best for his life ahead!



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