You helped 1-year-old Anas fight fatal brain damage

By: Ismail

Published On: August 22, 2018

Amount raised: Rs. 17,28,950

Number of donors: 807

Ismail Shaikh woke up in the middle of the night in March 2018 to find his 1-year-old son Anas shaking violently. Alarmed at the sight of his baby having a fit for the first time, Ismail rushed to his side but could do nothing. Anas was in pain for an hour. When Anas’s tight body finally slumped into a relieved sleep, his shocked father finally took him to the hospital.

In the 3 months that followed, Ismail spent over Rs. 11 lakhs towards his son’s medications alone. He had already been struggling to support three children and his wife on a driver’s income. He was able to put this sum together after taking aside his savings and asking relatives and informal money lenders for support.

Doctors found that a blockage in Anas’s brain was obstructing his breathing and causing the fits. 

They took him into surgery, but had to abandon the procedure midway as Anas began bleeding profusely and his blood pressure dropped to a dangerous low. For the next 3 months, Anas was kept on ventilator as doctors debated over his treatment.

Surgery was no longer an option. The only way to stop the continuous bleeding and control the constant fits was to keep Anas on the ventilator till his condition stabilized.The costs of monitoring and treatment was coming up to another Rs. 18 lakhs.

“I earn no more than Rs 12,000 a month and my wife is a homemaker. I had been saving up for my sister’s marriage, but we wiped out whatever little I had collected on my son’s treatment. When Impact Guru approached us  to help us raise funds, it was a blessing in disguise.”

In the week that Anas’s family began crowdfunding, their story had already won over 800 hearts. 10 days after the fundraiser launched, they’d collected the money needed! Rs. 17.28 lakhs and countless heartfelt messages poured in during this time.

As of August 2018, Anas is still on ventilator support, but his condition has stabilized. His bleeding has stopped and his blood pressure has risen to a healthy level. He is well on his way to recovery and will be discharged soon enough!

“We are thankful to all our donors on Impact Guru. We will always remember you in our prayers.”

Update -

"With a very heavy heart, we would like to inform you that our baby, Anas, left us on the 5th of february, 2019. He fought hard but due to excessive internal bleeding, he could not survive. Even though he is not with us anymore, your generous donations helped us in being with him for a few more months and helped him fight."

You can view Anas’s fundraiser story here.

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