Isha’s life is now complete with sounds and music

By: Krisha Gohil, Suraj Pandey

Published On: October 28, 2021


For those of us blessed with five senses, we’re constantly in the search of the sixth one. For those select few who endure the absence of one of the five senses, life becomes an endless quest towards wanting to be normal. I feared that my Isha’s hearing loss would never let her live life to the fullest until Impact Guru came to our rescue.


My husband and I were blessed with Isha after 5 long years of marriage. During the pregnancy, I made sure that everything went smoothly and we followed the doctor’s advice to a T. But just a few minutes after birth, my baby was taken away from me when tests revealed that her heart was on the right, instead of the usual left.


Right when she was 1.3 years old, I watched my girl’s body structure take an unusual shape. Her right shoulder remained short while her left one kept growing. Her head was also inclining towards her right. She would neither be able to hear nor respond to our calls. Once, she even slept through during a noisy Ganesh Puja at our place. That is when my husband and I pooled in some money from our years of savings and took her to multiple hospitals for diagnosis. It was revealed that Isha had Bilateral Profound SNHL hearing loss. Her ear’s inner structure and auditory nerve were impaired. This was also why she still hadn’t developed speech, like other kids her age.


From then on, life became an endless series of tests and physiotherapy sessions for my child. Even after spending our all, we were told that only with a Cochlear implant worth lakhs could we hope to see Isha grow up into an independent woman. My husband had already lost his flow of income in the pandemic as a driver and my income as a private tutor was barely keeping things afloat for the three of us. 


But I had to try everything in my power if I wanted Isha to hear my ‘I love yous’. I waited in long queues, contacted multiple NGOs, borrowed from many kind friends, but my strife finally came to an end when I contacted Impact Guru. Within days, Isha’s campaign received the love of Impact Guru donors and her surgery was finally carried out! 


Today, when I see my Isha react to sounds and dancing to music, my eyes are filled with tears of joy. She turns her head around when I call her name and tries to grab my attention by calling me Aai (mother). Every evening, I take her cycling and she’s ever eager to hear new rhymes and poems!


I do not know how to thank Impact Guru donors and their team for the gift they have given to my child and my family. All the coordinators at Impact Guru explained the process to us and were ever supportive, right from the beginning of the campaign to this date! We still get calls from the team, asking if Isha is doing well. 


Thank you Impact Guru donors! You considered my daughter your own and filled her life with music.

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