Meet the Dadwals, Who Lost Their Boy to Cancer and are Helping Those Battling this Deadly Disease

By: Anjana and Bishwajit Dadwal

Published On: May 29, 2018

Funds raised: Rs. 5,47,400
Donations: 183

The couple is helping out other cancer victims by using the funds that they raised for their son’s treatment.

Most of us are often caught up with our busy lives to stop and take notice of the troubles that surround us. We are busy making money, and saving the same to build our future. While there is nothing wrong with that, we tend to forget that there are people who don’t have the liberty to do so and need help. Let alone saving up, people barely have enough to pay for their medical bills, either because they don’t earn the required amount or have exhausted their savings. 

The Dadwals found themselves facing the latter when it came to the treatment of their son Haardik, who was suffering from acute Leukemia.

Haardik’s heartbreaking story 

Haardik was a all of 10, when he caught fever that refused to leave his side. What was assumed to be dengue by his parents Anjana and Bishwajit, turned out to be acute Leukemia. 

The Dadwals were told that their son’s life could be saved only through several cycles of chemotherapy as well as a bone marrow transplant. The boy’s younger sister proved to be the much needed hero that could rescue Haardik from cancer’s deadly grasp; she was identified as the appropriate stem cell donor and the four-year-old marched forward fearlessly when it came to helping her brother.

A penny for their thoughts 

While praying that their daughter’s brave step could help save Haardik, the Dadwals did their bit on the side to raise money for their son’s treatment. They resorted to crowdfunding, a practice through which one can raise funds by asking thousands to contribute a minimum amount to reach the total. The couple put up a fundraiser on the leading crowdfunding website, Impact Guru. 

With the help of this website, Anjana and Bishwajit managed to raise over Rs. 5 lakh with the help of 181 donors.

Another one bites the dust... 

Many children succumb to cancer every year and sadly Haardik turned out to be one of them. The little one breathed his last on December 30, 2017, at the tender age of 11.

Losing a child can be unimaginably painful. Despite the efforts taken, fate had other plans for Haardik and now Anjana and Bishwajit were left with grief, a huge sense of loss and the funds they had collected for their son’s recovery. 

A little help never hurt anyone 

Different people deal with loss of a loved one in different ways. While some immerse themselves in work to keep busy, others unwind by taking a trip or spending time with close friends and family. The Dadwals took a rather different and inspiring route to keep their son’s memories alive. 

The couple decided to donate the remaining amount (Rs. 200,000 to be exact) of Haardik’s funds to other fundraisers that were running on Impact Guru. They also donated some amount to Tata Memorial Hospital, in order to help other children battling Leukemia. 

The Dadwals’ resolution is to give every child suffering from Leukemia, a fair chance to seek treatment, where insufficient funds are not a hindrance. The couple continues to donate the hospital as well as to other fundraisers running on Impact Guru. Aside from this, they have decided to raise awareness by making appeals to philanthropists. 

If Michael Jackson’s famous lines are anything to go by, the Dadwals are truly on a mission to “heal the world, and make it a better place.” Their story is inspiring to say the least and serves as an example for those looking to help children suffering from cancer. 

If you are motivated to do the same, then help the Dadwals in their heartfelt journey and spread awareness about their cause! Read their full story on their campaign page here.

To start your own fundraiser, click here.


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