Generous Donors Save BSF Constable’s Newborn, Baby Parnavi

By: Sushant Sharma

Published On: October 14, 2019

My wife and I were blessed with a baby girl on 19th July 2019. While we were celebrating her birth, something was brewing up inside the baby. She suffered from high fever and jaundice at the same time. My wife and I took her to the hospital immediately.

After consulting various hospitals without much result, we traveled from Agartala to Chennai. At Apollo Hospital, she was diagnosed with MRSA infection. The bacterial infection led to the formation of pus in multiple areas in her body. She was kept under strict medical supervision.

I had already spent Rs. 6 lakh and was unsure how I would arrange for further expenses. One of my acquaintances suggested I try crowdfunding and gave me the details.  So, I called Impactguru to know more. 

In a matter of hours, my daughter’s story was live. The online fundraiser was shared on social media platforms. I took the responsibility to share the story with my friends and relatives too. With the donations I received from across the world, my daughter’s treatment began. 

With the infection, all gone, my baby Parnavi, is back home and becoming more beautiful with each passing day. She has gained weight and now weighs 4 kg! It is all because of your help.

I thank all the donors for saving my beautiful daughter. You have not only saved a girl child but have also brought hope to many parents like me who need help to save their children.

For all your support, I will always be deeply indebted to you.

- Parth, Parnavi's father. 

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