Impact Guru donors come to Kunjal’s baby aid

By: Aman Soni, Shreyoshi Das

Published On: May 24, 2022


To my well-wishers,

You know the greatest joy that a woman can ever receive? It is the gift of motherhood. I was over the moon when my baby boy was born. The joy that I felt in my heart were nothing compared to anything I have ever experienced in my entire life. And you have played a pivotal role in keeping my happiness intact. 

When birth complication and Haemophilia Type A put my baby in danger, you stood with me like a rock with your prayers. When I fell short of the treatment money, your kindness pourned in. 

Thank you Impact Guru donors. You 132 souls, who came to my rescue and saved my baby boy are the real heroes for me. You shared my son’s fundraiser story 42 times and brought the baby back to life.

Because of your timely help, my son had received treatment, and his recovery is complete. When I was left hopeless, you became the flicker of positivity that sailed me through the hard times. I can never thank you enough for saving my son. Thank you for your help. You will remain in my heart forever!



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