How Crowdfunding stood by Mahitha’s fight against Cancer

By: Sushant Sharma

Published On: August 08, 2019

Funds raised: Rs. 19,13,778

Duration: 80 days

Donors: 397


Mahitha had never thought that even after following a healthy routine, she could contract cancer. The doctor told Mahitha and her family that she was suffering from Hodgkin lymphoma cancer. Immunotherapy was the only course of treatment that could cure her.

The cost of immunotherapy was a way too high for them. They had to mortgage their house to pay for the treatment. Mahitha’s insurance amounted to Rs. 8 lakh. Still, she was not able to afford the treatment because the total cost of the treatment was Rs. 40 lakh. She needed 16 injections worth Rs 2 lakh each and then a stem cell transplant.

Trapped in financial constraints, the family didn’t shy from considering crowdfunding as an option. Saving Mahitha was their priority. The family wanted people to contribute to the cause rather than feel sorry for Mahitha.

So, they created a fundraiser on ImpactGuru, attaching all the medical documents of Mahitha, however, they did not share any of her photos online. The family created and shared the fundraiser in their immediate social circles. They also contributed amounts that inspired strangers to donate. In no time, 397 donors had raised Rs. 19,13,778

Unfortunately, Mahitha has passed away recently after putting up a long fight against cancer. Her family is grateful that crowdfunding has taken care of Mahitha’s medical expenses and gave her a chance to have a healthy life.

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