How SEED Saved the Education of 29 Young Children

By: SEED Schools

Published On: May 29, 2018

Funds raised: Rs. 9,95,696
Donors: 70

SEED secured the education of 29 kids from shelter homes.

Imagine you’re a child and have gone to school one day, only to find that the school had been shut down. Nobody explains anything. You get no letter with any news, no hope of going on with schoolwork at all. Imagine the shock and the surprise, try and consider the righteous discontent.

This is exactly what happened to 8-year-old Priya from Hyderabad.The event might have had a disastrous effect on her future had SEEDS not stepped in. 

SEEDS, an acronym for Standards For Excellence In Education And Development, is an NGO that works to help children from disadvantaged backgrounds receive quality education. Founded in June 2013, SEEDS has been working with children low socioeconomic status families, ones who experience constraints on every attempt at upward social mobility. SEEDS tries to help these kids by offering high-quality education to bridge the education gap between high income families and their have-not counterparts. 

Why Education Makes Change

According to a report, income mobility in India is fairly limited. However, within the group of educated citizens, the mobility is notably higher. This implies that quality education is imperative to addressing poverty through skill-building, and monetizing such skills. SEEDS does this by providing six key components to the curriculum, which are English language proficiency, comprehension, computer literacy, activity-based learning, creative activities, and a positive learning environment. 

SEED-ing at Impact Guru

But the effort is expensive. This hasn’t wavered their determination one bit. In fact, in 2016 they decided to support 29 students by providing them with a high quality educational environment. To meet the financial expenses incurred in such an effort, they decided to raise Rs. 5 Lacs through online crowdfunding on Impact Guru. Much to their surprise, they not only met their goal, but also surpassed it by quite a considerable margin. In less than two months, they were able to raise almost double their original goal amount of Rs. 5 Lacs, reaching a total of 187 percent of the listed original goal amount!

By the time the campaign ended, it had raised Rs. 9.95 Lacs, enabling SEEDS to enroll more students and improve the quality of their services further. 

So how did they do it?

Eloquent fundraiser story: How a story is told can make or break a fundraiser. The more engaging the story, the better its chances of success. The ability of a story to catch the reader’s attention and to keep them involved is the most effective strategy when it comes to converting fundraiser visitors to donors. A good story is informative, neatly structured, and told with sincerity. The values the campaigner represents needs to shine through to the donor.

Use of visual material: A picture is worth a thousand words.The most engaging fundraisers make judicious use of pictures and videos. SEEDS used charts and tables to help present information in a crisp, readable way.

Testimonials: Every donor wants assurance that their contribution will make change. SEEDS included concrete facts in their fundraiser about what they have accomplished already, and what they mean to do with more funds.

Rewards/ Donor Interaction: A kind gesture from the campaigner is often a testament that their contribution is well received. A simple Thank You goes a long way in keeping the donor involved. SEEDS sent their children’s report cards to donors in an act of gratitude that warmed many hearts.

Networking is Key: Making the fundraiser reach a wider audience is the central component of any successful crowdfunding campaign. SEEDS leveraged a humongous personal and professional network set on Facebook,Twitter and Instagram, working in WhatsApp promotion later. 

Crowdfunding is a powerful in making change. Consider crowdfunding for your core cause. 

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