You Kept 2-year-old Abu’s Heart Beating

By: Mohd. Imran

Published On: August 21, 2018

Amount raised: Rs. 4,21,326

Donors: 254

Little Abu’s heart surgery had to be done soon. His condition was getting worse with each passing day. Even after his best efforts Mohd. Imran wasn’t able to collect much. He had already spent his years of saving and with a salary of Rs.10,000/month, it would have taken a few years more for him to gather Rs. 7 lakhs he needed for Abu’s surgery and post-operative care. 

A father’s quest to save his only child

A newborn is a cause of joy, especially if it’s your first child. However, Mohd Imran’s celebrations were bitter sweet. His wife had given birth to a beautiful baby boy and for the first 6 months things seemed fine.However, as Abu grew older, he started having problems with breathing. He would turn blue with fever and pain and would stay up all night crying. Doctors in their hometown of Moradabad couldn’t spot the problem and Imran has to travel with Abu to Delhi.

He was told that Abu suffered from congenital heart defect and needed an urgent surgery to fix the veins around his heart.

Time was running out. Almost overnight, Imran had to plead his relatives and friends to lend him Rs. 3 lakhs to save his son. 

The surgery happened. But to fully recover Abu needed two more surgeries along with ongoing observation and medications. Imran lost hope. He had to arrange for lakhs more. He started a fundraiser with no idea about crowdfunding. The only thing he knew was that this was the last way of saving his son.

To his surprise, he raised more than Rs. 4 lakhs in the next few days!

“We had no support from anyone. We asked for help everywhere possible but our friends and relatives couldn’t offer any help. I am thankful to and to each and every donor without whom, Abu couldn’t have been saved.”

He regained his spirit once more, knowing for sure that his son would fight and survive. Abu’s last surgery was done on 26 June 2018. He was subsequently discharged on 6 July 2018.

"Abu Baker received his heart surgery and is now recovering. He is growing up to be a healthy child and will need regular checkups for a year to make sure he has completely recovered.”

View his fundraiser here.

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