Sarthak, the Rockstar kid will continue to perform, thanks to you!

By: Sushant Sharma

Published On: July 08, 2019


Funds raised: Rs. 16,03,043

Duration: 12 days

Donors: 1178

Sarthak didn’t need an audience to perform. He was ever ready. He idolised Tiger Shroff and danced to his songs with panache. Little did he know, that he would have to hang his dancing shoes for a long time. This family from Jabalpur was shocked when their 4-year-old son was diagnosed with Guillain Barre Syndrome. A condition that left Sarthak unable to walk.

Since 12th April, the Soni’s have lived an altered life. Sarthak had been admitted to Nelson Hospital, Nagpur. He underwent throat surgery and had to be fed through tubes. Both Umesh and Sangita left their jobs to look after him. They used the little savings they had to save their child. When they had no more avenues to raise money for Sarthak’s treatment, their doctor suggested they go for crowdfunding.

The doctor became Sarthak’s saviour

Doctor Rajan helped them create a fundraiser page on The goal of the fundraiser was to raise a sum of Rs. 18 lakh. To their surprise, the funds started pouring in from all across the world. In no time, they had gathered Rs. 16,03,043, which was 89 percent of the goal amount.

“It seems that the whole world wants to see him dance again.” - Sangita.

Even a small help can make a big difference

Sarthak’s father shared the fundraiser page across all his social media accounts. He received the most number of responses from Facebook. The heart-melting story of Sarthak touched more than 1000 hearts and they couldn’t refrain from donating for the young boy. Umesh recalls, how small donations from many people helped change the entire scenario.

“I am deeply indebted to all 1178 donors who helped us in our time of need. Given an opportunity, we too will donate to someone’s fundraiser, like others did for us.” – Umesh.



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