You showered Asha’s baby with three things - Love, happiness, and health

By: Aman Soni, Shreyoshi Das, Kleio Bhagwati

Published On: August 02, 2022

In the darkest moment of my life, a light appeared. When I was convinced that I can never give birth to a baby, that’s when it came to my knowledge that I am pregnant. The revelation was a joyous one, and I was over the moon. After waiting for 9 long years, my desire to bear a child was fulfilled.

All the joys of the world were of lesser nature than the one I knew. But after seeing the brightest light, I was to see the dark valley of sorrow. My newborn was born with low blood sugar and brain dysfunction. 

My life was torn apart. After 9 years of waiting, and still the wait continued. Since birth, my baby was on a ventilator, suffering, fighting for her life. The intensive care for my baby was costing us lots of money. Doctors said that to save my baby’s life, we would require Rs 6.9 Lakh. How could my husband being an electrician cover such a huge amount? So when everything seemed hopeless, Impact Guru was our only hope- my baby’s beacon.

240 souls came forward on Impact Guru and helped save my baby’s life. With 69 shares and lots of love, you saved my little one and gave her a new life. Thank you very much, Impact Guru and kind donors.



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