A new liver brings a new life to Ayaat

By: Krisha Gohil, Suraj Pandey

Published On: May 20, 2022



Just when Ayaat turned 3 months old, her parents noted to their utter dismay that their child was turning pale. Her eyes were yellow, her stomach felt heavy and bloated. The infant who was once smiling ear to ear was wailing day and night. The local doctors prescribed a few medicines and said that it would be cured in no time. But Ayaat remained restless. 

The girl’s parents took her to Care Hospitals and waited for hours in the corridors while she underwent a slew of tests. Their world came crashing down when the test results confirmed the fatal cause of Ayaat’s pain - Biliary Artesia. This condition was caused when the flow of bile from Ayaat’s liver to her gallbladder had stopped due to a blockage. Due to this, little Ayaat’s liver was failing! 

By the time Ayaat turned one, her failing liver deteriorated to a point where she began vomiting and excreting blood. Her stomach was bloating with deadly fluids and dark patches covered her tiny feet. She needed an urgent liver transplant worth lakhs to live past 1. 

During the time, the pandemic had stripped Ayaat’s father from his job. He didn’t even have the funds to afford her medicines and visits. When donors at Impact Guru read about the cruel game fate was playing onAyaat and her parents, they donated generously and raised more than Rs 19 lakh!

A few months later, Ayaat successfully underwent a liver transplant and came back home fit as a fiddle. Her chubby cheeks and wide eyes warm her parents’ hearts. They had never heard of a one-year-old with a failing liver before. Now, they are the proud parents of a champ who defeated a fatal condition like Biliary Atresia. 

‘We can’t wait to see Ayaat grow up. She is such a bright child. She has a beautiful and long life ahead of her. Her liver transplant was only made possible with the support of Impact Guru donors. My family will be forever indebted to their generosity. Thank you so much for bringing our story to such kind souls, Impact Guru.’


-   Syed Mahaboob Ali



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