Crowdfunding Gifts Baby Piyush a New Life

By: Mitaksh Jain

Published On: November 26, 2019


A young boy who was on the verge of being swallowed by death has been rescued with the help of your generosity. Our tiny Piyush who was suffering from biliary atresia has had a successful liver transplant. Your donations helped fuel the fire that ultimately lit Piyush’s life. 

He is back home in the loving arms of his family and will go on to lead a healthy life.  The family has come a long way from Raipur, stopping at several cities like Bengaluru and Kolkata before eventually landing in Mumbai.

They had lost hope as Piyush’s health kept deteriorating and the doctors declared he needed a new liver. The baby’s grandmother happily donated part of her liver which the doctors in Mumbai used to bring Piyush back from darkness- healthy and smiling.

His family has nothing but gratitude for the affection you showed in their time of need. Years later, when Piyush grows up to be an adult, he will only have you guys to thank for.   

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