Baby Ezekiel is slowly winning over cancer

By: Ezekiel Pereira

Published On: May 29, 2018

Funds raised: Rs. 8,00,018
Donations: 176

The most heartbreaking thing for any parent is to see their child suffer. Such was the case with Eric Pereira and his family. Their world turned upside down, after learning that their two-year-old-boy was suffering from blood cancer (leukemia). Ezekiel was admitted at a private hospital in Mumbai and was in need of urgent treatment. 

But paying for the same posed a challenge for Ezekiel’s family as his father Eric, is a sole bread earner for the family. Even though he works as a software engineer, Eric earns a meagre income per month. His wife is a homemaker and coughing up exorbitant costs for Ezekiel’s treatment at that point of time, was a cause of serious concern for the couple. The high costs of cancer treatment in India affect the poor and middle-classes alike.  

Eric managed funds initially by borrowing money from his friends. But Ezekiel’s situation was getting worse and Eric needed to act fast. Thankfully, a colleague from his workplace got him acquainted with crowdfunding. The friend was aware about Eric’s urgent need of funds. He googled about crowdfunding, in turn coming across Impact Guru and informed Eric about our website. The latter considered ]crowdfunding as a viable option and decided to start a fundraiser with us for a goal amount of Rs. 8,00,000. 

Ezekiel’s family managed to reach the goal amount through 176 donors!

With the help of the funds collected, Eric and his family were able to start his chemotherapy sessions. 

When speaking to us about the success of his fundraiser, Eric says, “Initially, I was hesitant to go ahead with crowdfunding, as I am a very shy person. So I was wondering how it would turn out if I went about asking strangers for help,” he says.

But Eric surely doesn’t regret his decision and is happy with that his fundraiser was able to reach its goal amount. Besides this, he is grateful for Ezekiel’s response towards his chemotherapy treatment.“It’s been two months since we have started Ezekiel’s treatment and he seems to be showing good progress. He has much more energy than before,” says Eric, adding that his “little fighter’s” (as he likes to call Ezekiel) chemotherapy would need to be continued for 2 years for his complete recovery. 

How he reached his goal:

When asked what helped in making the fundraiser a success, Eric credits friends from his professional network. “Personally, I didn’t do much. It was my friends who helped me out after realizing the gravity of our situation.” Eric states that colleagues from his workplace were primarily instrumental in promoting his fundraiser.

“They made it a point to share my fundraiser on varied Whatsapp groups, which helped us in reaching out to maximum people,” says Eric. 

He also pointed out that he didn’t need to use social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter because of the traction his fundraiser managed to get solely through Whatsapp. 

Eric’s fundraiser is an example of how varied platforms can help in the success and wide reach of a campaign. While Whatsapp proved to be fruitful for Eric, other platforms such as Facebook and Twitter often create a similar effect as well. 

When asked on what he had to say about his crowdfunding experience, Eric says, “It has been a great experience and I definitely recommend crowdfunding to everyone.”

We wish Ezekiel a speedy recovery! To check his fundraiser, click here



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