How crowdfunding saved construction worker’s son- Vishnu's life

By: Chelsea Vaz

Published On: June 10, 2019

medical fundraiser

Number of donors: 1056 donors

Total funds raised: Rs. 13,04,240

Diagnosis: Multiple injuries and severely damaged organs after a bike accident.

Vishnu, an 18-year-old engineering student, met with a fatal accident which left him severely injured.

Shibu, Vishnu’s father’s, financial condition as a construction worker proved to be an obstacle. Vishnu’s condition kept deteriorating and the hospital bills kept piling. Shibu’s friend asked him to try and raise funds on Shibu created a campaign on for his son Vishnu. His friends and he shared the fundraiser across all social media platforms.

The fundraiser grabbed the attention of many online donors. Within no time, an online body of strangers came to Shibu’s rescue. raised Rs. 13,04,240 in just 12 days!

“Growing up, I told my son not to trust strangers. However, the idea of crowdfunding renewed my hope in the world. helped me raise funds to pay for Vishnu’s treatment and I am eternally grateful to them. The doctors have begun the necessary treatment with the funds generated. Vishnu is slowly recovering. Hopefully, he will be home soon. Crowdfunding saved my only son and I would recommend to all those in need.”

Editor's Note: We are sorry to report that Vishnu succumbed to his injuries after showing a great will to recover from his injuries. We pray his family has the strength to overcome the great loss. 


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