As sound reverberates in Rudraunsh’s life - he wants you to hear it too!

By: Aman Soni, Shreyoshi Das

Published On: May 18, 2022


Whoop, a plane passes by, and you can feel the vibrating impulses of the airfoils and the gushing wind that touches the silhouette of your being. You watch in awe at this invention, thinking about the Wright brothers and their curious brains watching birds as they take flight. A person would not just watch this plane in wonder and wish to fly in it, but he would also hear the roaring engines, the outcry of gushing winds, and the chirping of birds when the plane passes through the endless skies. But not my Rudraunsh. Because, unlike you and me, my little boy was not born with the blessing of sound. All he could hear was the sound of silence. 

I am Nilesh Dhuri and my son was born with a profound hearing defect. 

Our world was shadowed by Rudransh’s soundless silence till…

We took a breath of relief when we came to know that our son would be able to hear and respond to us with the help of cochlear implantation. It would finally be possible that my baby to hear what I say! The thought was wonderful. 

But the only hurdle towards successful cochlear implantation was that it would cost us Rs 15 lakhs. Arranging such a huge sum was impossible for me. I felt helpless and lost. It was then that a dear friend of mine suggested that the crowdfunding platform Impact Guru could help me raise funds for the implantation.

Listening to his advice, I immediately started a fundraiser on Soon, kind donors like you donated, prayed, and sent blessings to my little boy.

Thanks to you, Rudraunsh underwent successful cochlear implantation and he can now hear and listen clearly. Thank you to the 236 donors and 188 shares on Impact Guru who helped my son in his times of need and brought sound and music to his life. 

The dead silence will no longer bother him. He will also hear beautiful music, the hymns of prayers, and the melodies of the greatest singers because of your kindness. 



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