With Donors’ love Keerthi’s hit-and-run recovery ended in a bright smile

By: Keerthi Kumari

Published On: February 22, 2021


September 13, 2020, brought in tons of misery for 9-year-old Keerthi and her family. While she was playing outside her house, a speeding car hit her and ran away. Keerthi suffered from multiple fractures and was critical. At the hospital, the child was put on tubes for days on end. Her condition fluctuated- leaving her parent's hearts in their mouths. 

The hospital bills were piling and Keerthi's father, a driver could not afford her ongoing treatment. When he found a pamphlet of Impact Guru and how he could start a free fundraiser, he took it as a Godsend. He immediately took out his phone and within minutes began the free fundraiser. He added his sweet daughter's smiling pic on the story page with just a click on his mobile phone.

The little girl's smile melted the donors' hearts. Within days, help was on the way in terms of donations and 537 story shares. Keerthi was discharged after prolonged treatment. She is still getting back to her old self, learning how to walk without support. The ever beautiful smile is back and she and her family have you to thank. 

"Arranging the estimated lakhs for Keerthi's treatment was impossible for me. Even after giving my all, I couldn't have saved my little girl. But Impact Guru and the gracious donors made it a possibility. I had never even imagined fundraising could be hassle-free. I only created the fundraiser, but the team at Impact Guru supported me in every way to make crowdfunding a success. Thank you, Impact Guru and donors for saving my beautiful daughter's life." - Hanumantharayappa C (Keerthi's father)



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