Impact Guru Helps Save Sunita’s Newborn Boy

By: Trinete Rodrigues

Published On: September 11, 2020


Sunita and Rahul cried tears of joy as they welcomed their newborn boy into the world. The 9-month-long wait was finally over. The excited couple was eager to take their son home. 

But as Sunita lay recovering from her C-section, the doctors informed Rahul that their child needed to be taken to the NICU as he had developed a lung infection. With the income of a factory worker and a bill of Rs 12 lakh for his child’s 40-45 days stay at the hospital, the worried father reached out to Impact Guru for crowdfunding help.

You heard the couple’s desperate cry for help and donated generous amounts to their cause. Because of you, the newborn boy is back home receiving all the attention from the first-time parents, the extended family and neighbours. We at Impact Guru applaud your constant efforts in saving lives. Sunita and Rahul can now enjoy their journey of parenthood because you chose to lend out a helping hand. 

I have not seen God, but the way the team at Impact Guru and the donors helped me, I understood what divine kindness is. You saved a poor man’s greatest asset- his child!” - Rahul



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