ImpactGuru Handholds Uma in her Fight Against Blood Cancer

By: Himanshu Trivedi

Published On: January 22, 2020


Optimism - one trait that helped Uma overcome all the adversities in her life. When her son was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, she stayed strong and never allowed the debilitating disease to break her child’s spirit. 

But fate decided to test her optimism even more. She was diagnosed with leukaemia (blood cancer), starting a seemingly never-ending cycle of chemotherapy, consultations, expensive diagnostic tests, and medicines. 

The terrible disease and its costly treatment tested her optimism to the core. She never gave up and eventually, help arrived through and 101 angelic donors who helped raise the entire amount needed for her treatment. 

Her fundraiser on was a huge success as timely treatment fast-tracked her recovery. She is currently on medication and still needs to go for regular follow-ups. But with the amount of love and wishes she has received, full recovery is not far. 

We request you to keep her in your prayers.



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