A Young Man Raised Funds Overnight to Afford His Father’s Heart Surgery

By: Dheeraj Shettigar

Published On: May 29, 2018

Funds raised: Rs. 3,36,942
Donations: 152

Dheeraj Shettigar, a young man from a middle-income family couldn’t have ever guessed that he would be able to raise funds for his father’s treatment overnight!

Dheeraj hails from Mangalore and works as an engineer in Bengaluru. His parents are humble vegetable vendors back in his hometown and his income helps sustain them.

Unfortunately, in November 2017, his father suffered had an unexpected heart attack. On rushing him to the hospital, doctors found through an angiography test that he had three blockages in his heart and surgery was required immediately. When the hospital was inefficient in providing care, Dheeraj and his mother moved his father to a different hospital.

Dheeraj knew his parents were in no place financially to be able to afford such a procedure. Determined to save his father’s life, he turned to crowdfunding. And did he make a hit of a fundraiser! He managed to raise well over his predetermined goal amount of Rs 3 lakhs in less than one day, becoming an ideal example of an emergency medical campaign.

What steps helped him raise funds so quickly?

Use of Facebook and Whatsapp groups: Crowdfunding experts say that the first two hours of the fundraiser can make a world of difference to how the campaign pans out later. Dheeraj was prompt in sharing fervently the minute his fundraiser went live. He used Facebook and Whatsapp to reach out to colleagues and college friends. Dheeraj estimates that around 75% of contributions to his fundraiser were from these two networks. Dheeraj also persistently encouraged his contacts to share his story within their networks. The remaining 25% of donations came from this re-sharing that enabled strangers to happen upon his fundraiser.

Staying attentive helped: Several of his acquaintances and friends that saw his fundraiser on social media approached him, doubting the authenticity of the campaign. Dheeraj remained active and reachable on all media throughout his crowdfunding journey, answering numerous calls from people that were new to crowdfunding or needed personal confirmation of the story. We see many campaigners that tend to become inattentive while they raise funds, and end up losing out on valuable donors that could determine the success of their campaigns. Dheeraj showed us how it paid off to be prompt with replies.

To visit his fundraiser page, click here.

If you’re looking to start raising funds for a loved one’s medical treatment, click here.

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