1k+ Impact Guru donors became Nischitha’s strength in PICU

By: Krisha Gohil, Suraj Pandey

Published On: October 28, 2021


You may have heard the phrase ‘the biggest of smiles, hide the hardest of stories’, such is the story behind 6-year-old Nischitha’s bright smile that neither you nor I can imagine living through. Yet, it will show you the strength of trust and kindness in this world.


Little Nischitha earlier this 2021, contracted a stomach infection. There was no end in sight to the girl’s pain. Nishchitha’s parents found hope only 200 km away from Chitradurga, in Bangalore. 


By then Nischitha’s stomach infection had taken the deadly shape of septic shock and encephalopathy! Her kidneys and liver were damaged. The organs in her body were inching towards failure and only a long PICU stay would save her before it was too late.


Seeing the once chirpy girl unconscious and tangled in feeding and breathing tubes terrified the family members. Nischitha’s little sibling wondered why her sister was lying in bed with her eyelids taped shut. For Harish and his wife though, there was no time to spare for heartbreak, they needed to arrange more than Rs 13 lakh for Nischitha’s survival!


Within a span of 6 days, their hectic search came to an end when the doors of crowdfunding were pushed open for them. After learning about Impact Guru’s crowdfunding platform and seeing the endless number of children, who were saved by the love and support of the kind donors all around the world, they made their plunge. 


400+ social media shares later, Nischitha’s fundraiser crossed Rs 13 lakh and raised more than Rs 17 lakh with the help of 1k+ Impact Guru donors! 


‘Nischitha is back to studying and making mischief with her sister. During our darkest hours, Impact Guru donors stepped in and held our hands. Even in our wildest dreams, we hadn’t imagined raising more than a few lakhs. My wife and I couldn’t believe our eyes when we saw that the campaign had surpassed the goal amount. It is because of this overwhelming and timely support that we could afford Nischitha’s treatment and bring her back home. Thank you Impact Guru donors! My family and I will always be indebted to your kindness.

  • Harish, Nischitha’s father.


Little Nischitha has found a family of 1k+ donors on Impact Guru, and we have found another addition to our ever-growing family of survivors. Impact Guru thanks Nischitha’s saviors and wishes Nischitha a long and healthy life ahead.

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