Generous Donors on ImpactGuru save Deepak Makhija

By: Mitaksh Jain

Published On: February 28, 2020

Deepak Makhija’s life plunged into darkness when he was diagnosed with liver cirrhosis two years ago. He kept visiting several hospitals to find a solution, but to no avail.
It was in Mumbai that doctors found a way to reverse his deteriorating health. He was informed that he needed a liver transplant urgently. The cost was Rs 19.5 lakh. This threw things into disarray for the Makhija household. The family had exhausted all their options in arranging for Deepak’s treatment so far. His transplant was delayed several times due to a lack of funds.
It is at that point that Enakshi decided to fundraise for her father’s treatment.  The team of ImpactGuru went out of the way to support Enakshi’s fundraiser with tips on how to make her campaign a success. Generous donors on rallied to raise funds for Deepak’s liver transplant.
Today, Deepak is living a healthy life and he has the utmost gratitude for the strangers on ImpactGuru who voluntarily put together enough funds to save Deepak’s life.  


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