Your love helped revive Baby Advith’s ailing heart

By: Himanshu Trivedi

Published On: March 24, 2019

Number of Donors: 251

Total Raised: 9,02,020

Diagnosis: Congenital Heart disease and cataract in both eyes

“When something is very precious to you, the very thought of losing it could mess up with your mind. So, when the doctors told me about Advith’s condition, my mind refused to accept it as truth. I was in complete denial of it. Gradually, when I came to terms with it, I had just one question. Why our Advith? Why grant us a wish after 17 years only to take it back so soon? What I didn’t know then was that the universe works in mysterious ways. The love and support people poured in for Advith left me speechless and in awe of the power of love and compassion.”

  • Pooja, Mother

When you are blessed with a baby after a 17-year-long wait, even a normal sneeze can freak you out. So when parents Milind and Pooja noticed their 2-month-old baby Advith’s recurring bouts of breathlessness while feeding him, they were scared to death. Their worst fear came true when baby Advith was diagnosed with congenital heart disease. The Deshkars were struggling to cope with the nightmarish news when they were hit by another one. Doctors told them that Baby Advith also had cataract in both his eyes and could go blind without a surgery

How did you find out about Crowdfunding and ImpactGuru?

Although I was aware of the concept of crowdfunding, I had no idea about its presence in healthcare sector in India. I will be forever grateful to my former student Sumit Agrawal, who told me about ImpactGuru and even helped me to reach out to their team. From then on, it was the prompt and dedicated team at ImpactGuru which helped us in creating and fast tracking our campaign. The professionalism shown by them calmed our nerves and made our task easier

Were you skeptical about the idea?

To be honest, yes we were. The thought of misuse of funds generated in our name left us a little hesitant. But after going through the ImpactGuru website and meeting with their team, all our doubts were cleared. We were particularly touched by the sensitivity and patience shown by their team in dealing with us at that difficult time

What helped you reach a wider audience?

We used FaceBook and Whatsapp extensively to reach out to a wide audience. While Whatsapp helped us to garner support from relative and friends, Facebook took our plea to people and places we never imagined we could reach

What was the first expenditure after you got the funds?

The doctors had given us an estimate of around Rs. 2.8 lakhs for the initial phase of treatment, which reached up to Rs. 3 lakhs. But to our relief, the funds came in quickly and were disbursed sooner than we expected. We received enough funds to cover even the cataract surgery. The entire process was so smooth and allowed us to give all our attention to Advith

Would you recommend crowdfunding to someone else in need.

When Advith’s cardiologists enquired that how we were able to raise the funds so quickly, we told them about crowdfunding and Impactguru. To our surprise, even the doctors didn’t have much idea about the concept. We decided that as a beneficiary, we would do our best to actively promote the idea and help many other like us to benefit from it


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