Abhishek’s journey to saving his nephew from cancer

By: Abhishek Das

Published On: June 19, 2018

Funds Raised: Rs. 12,58,578
Donors: 782

Abhishek’s fundraiser began and ended like a breeze in the month of January 2018. When his nephew, Ajeetabh was diagnosed with blood cancer, his family was left in despair.

While doctors at TATA Memorial Hospital assured that the cancer was curable with a bone marrow transplant, the problem of the healthcare costs left them in a fix. His full medical bill, including the transplant, chemotherapy that preceded, post-operative care, medication and consultation charges was amounting up to Rs 50 lakh. Ajeetabh’s parents did have some savings to fall back on, but not enough to make a sizable dent on the bill.

That’s when Abhishek decided that his nephew’s parents didn’t have to deal with this alone. Ajeetabh’s friends, family, colleagues - they all wanted him back healthy and happy. So he began crowdfunding. And he raised Rs 9 lakh in the first 8 days.

With no social media support other than Whatsapp!

We’re always sharing tips and tricks to help our campaigners make the most of their fundraisers. These are usually through success stories, blogs, social media posts and video tutorials. We talk about how to write social media posts, when to write them, what kind of images to use, and so on. The point here is that social media is the centre of the crowdfunding universe. Without social media, a fundraiser usually does not see light. Few fundraisers actually work well without Facebook or Instagram.

But Abhishek knew what he was doing.

He raised Rs 9 lakh during the first week and raised another Rs 3.5 lakh over the following few weeks from nearly 800 donors. After the campaign ended, the funds were disbursed straight to the hospital Ajeetabh was admitted to. On June 11, Ajeetabh received his bone marrow transplant and is currently under observation. He developed a fever and a fungal infection, but is quickly healing thanks to medication. Blood cancer patients, despite receiving a transplant, often need to continue undergoing chemotherapy. In another two weeks, doctors will be conducting tests to figure out how often he would need these sessions.

Here’s how Abhishek ran his fundraiser:

Built a contact list: Abhishek used existing Whatsapp groups of his school friends, college friends and colleagues. He also took his nephew’s contacts and asked his other young relatives to use their groups as well.

Made the right appeal: Abhishek wrote a small message about how his nephew was the sole earning member of his family. He also spoke about the diagnosis, the different symptoms Ajeetabh has to deal with everyday, complicating his treatment further. His appeal was successful in moving his audience.

Though Abhishek was able to run a fundraiser solely on Whatsapp, we still suggest our future campaigners to explore other social media platforms to expand your donor base! Imagine what you can do with two platforms if Abhishek could do so much with one!

Take a look at Abhishek’s fundraiser here.

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