Baby Mannat Becomes the Eyes her Parents See the World with

By: Kleio Bhagwati

Published On: March 30, 2020


Baby Mannat is the sweetest thing that you can find. She moves her little hands and turns her head from one parent to another. It is as if she is taking care of her parents, ensuring they are safe and alright. We must remind you though, Baby Mannat is barely months old! 


The feisty child was born premature and her parents who are specially-abled (visually), did not have the funds to get their daughter the treatment she needed. 


That’s when Shiv’s (father) sister came to their rescue. She started a fundraiser for Baby Mannat on ImpactGuru and the rest is history.


ImpactGuru’s strong donor base turned things around for Baby Mannat. ImpactGuru is committed to transforming lives by making healthcare affordable for all. 


Let’s together save lives with our kindness.

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