Thanks to you, Sumathi can begin a new life with her son

By: Ashwath Seshadri

Published On: August 06, 2019


medical fundraiser



                                                         Thanks to you, Sumathi can begin a new life with her son


Funds raised: Rs.5,46,398

Duration: 57 days

Donors: 295

This single mother lived a tragic life ever since her marriage in 2004. Soon after giving birth to a boy, her husband deserted Sumathi, leaving her alone to take care of her son. Then her father passed away in 2010, due to a massive heart attack. But the worst news that hit this woman residing in the locality of Chennai was when she was diagnosed with stomach cancer. A condition that left her fighting for life, amidst the depression she was going through. 


Since 2010, Sumathi has been taking rigorous chemotherapy at the Apollo Hospital, Chennai. The treatment went on for 6 long years and the doctor observed her health closely until one day she was finally declared cancer-free. She used up all the savings and found herself a cure. But her happiness was short-lived as recently, a horrific episode of stomach pain revealed that her cancer had relapsed…


                                                                       You became Sumathi’s saviour.


The doctor at the hospital informed Sumathi that she would need an urgent Bone Marrow Transplant to live. Having exhausted all her savings, Sumathi began a crowdfunding campaign at This fundraiser was her only hope. She wrote her story and shared the fundraiser with her friends and family. To her surprise, money started pouring in from across the world. She had already raised Rs.5,46,398, which was 55% of her goal amount. 

“It seemed like the whole world supported my story and believed that I could make it.” -  Sumitha

                                                       Every penny from strangers made a difference

Sumathi shared the fundraiser page across all his social media accounts. She received overwhelming support from her Facebook share. Her tragic story inspired 295 donors across the world. Today, Sumathi is on her way to receive her life-saving Bone Marrow Transplant


“I am deeply indebted to the people who came together and supported my cause. I was in dire need of support and my determination to live was rewarded. I still need more funds to fund my entire treatment, but I can’t thank the donors who have supported my fight against cancer. I will forever be grateful to” - Sumathi. 

Editor's Note: Sumathi tried her best to beat cancer, but she eventually succumbed to the deadly disease on January 30, 2020. Please pray for the departed soul.


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