1470 donors became Shanvi’s lifeline

By: Aman Soni, Shreyoshi Das

Published On: June 08, 2022


Dear Shanvi’s Saviors- 1470 Donors!

You entered my life and eased my burden. My daughter Shanvi’s liver had failed. She was in immense pain but I couldn’t help her much. 

You showered my Shanvi with joys of deep and lasting love that I never thought was possible. You held her close to your heart and whispered the songs of life which gave us hope that she will survive. Oh, dear donors, you are a boon to me and my baby Shanvi! 

You did not let my baby suffer too long after her critical diagnosis. You quickly came to rescue Shanvi from a failing liver.

Thank you, Impact Guru donors for helping my daughter. You enabled her to have a successful liver transplant. You gave Shanvi a new life. I will forever be grateful to you.

Once again thank you Impact Guru donors.


-   Jyothi, Shanvi’s mother


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