Ranjeet’s health is back on track because you cared

By: Aman Soni, Shreyoshi Das

Published On: June 09, 2022

It all began with the advent of a normal day. Ranjeet was carrying on with her day-to-day activity and all of a sudden she felt a tinge in her throat. Soon, mild cold and cough followed. Ranjeet knew these were the symptoms of Covid-19 and she feared exactly that. Ranjeet never wanted this virus to intervene in her happy life. But her health started to decline gradually, and with fever, she understood that there was the possibility that she might have contracted Covid. After the tests were carried out, Ranjeet had to face what she feared the most. She was detected as Covid positive on 23-04-2021. 

After detection, Ranjit immediately started treatment at Capitol Hospital. As her health declined, so had her hope for survival. 

Unable to afford the treatment, Ranjeet had no idea how she would make ends meet. A ray of hope appeared in the form of Impact Guru. After starting the fundraiser on Impact Guru to cover treatment expenses, her fundraiser raised more than Rs 5 Lakh in no time. 

308 donors became saviors for Ranjeet when her hopes of survival were buried under pipes of ventilator and oxygen support. Ranjeet is grateful for the help Impact Guru donors provided her and gave her a new life. 

She says, “ Impact Guru saved so many lives and improved the lives of so many during the pandemic. The kind team of Impact Guru touched my life too. And to the kind donors, you have my deepest gratitude!

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