Kind strangers aid Varun to fund his wife Gunjan's cancer treatment

By: Kleio Bhagwati

Published On: June 06, 2019

Gunjan Anand

A two-year-old daughter and a happy marriage did not allow Gunjan Anand to relish her beautiful life. Stage 4 cancer was the interloper in Gunjan’s paradise!

Varun Anand, her husband was broken, but not beaten. He decided to find his wife a cure. He promised himself, he would make her happy again. Having heard of crowdfunding before, Varun researched how crowdfunding could help him fund Gunjan’s treatment. He was impressed with the public reviews of Varun Anand began a fundraiser for his wife Gunjan. He shared the fundraiser with over 800 friends he has on Facebook. 804 kind people gave Varun a helping hand. The campaign raised Rs. 22,83,782 in just 121 days!

It is a long haul. Varun needs more helping hands to raise the total goal amount of Rs. 40,00,000. Varun says, ImpactGuru came to him at a time when he had lost all hope. He thanks and the benevolent donors who have given Gunjan Anand a chance to better health.

Varun believes crowdfunding is a way to go in today’s time. “We live in a compassionate world. Crowdfunding allows individuals to extend their love to even strangers. I would recommend to all those who are in medical need.”

Varun sees light at the end of the tunnel for his wife Gunjan. Thank you for being Gunjan’s angels in disguise.

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