“God came to my rescue disguised as ImpactGuru” - Majid

By: Jitesh Matani, Suraj Pandey

Published On: October 11, 2021


I've been picking up odd jobs for the past 12 years. Being the eldest child, the pressure to provide for my family was overwhelming but I didn’t complain because it kept my family fed and clothed. But one day, while I was working as a labourer, I felt something pierce through my heart, like somebody had shot me in the chest.


Upon arriving at the Max Super Speciality Hospital, the doctors declared that I had a hole in my heart that needed immediate attention. These might be words for some but for me, I could see my life crashing because not only I had old parents to look after but now I was a father to a 9-month-old little girl.


As the only working member of my family, I had to arrange lakhs within days else my daughter would never get to experience my love. The doctors suggested that I reach out to Impact Guru donors and start a fundraiser for myself. Within a month and with just 149 shares, my fundraiser reached about Rs 4.22 lakh and I could finally afford my surgery. It all sounds dreamy, but it’s all true. Now, I finally get to see my little girl grow and take care of my family. All thanks to Impact Guru and donors like you who helped me. May God bless you all!


- Mohammad Majid Khan



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