A Girl’s Solo Endeavour to Impact the Lives of Students and Women in Bhopal

By: Jhanvi Patel

Published On: May 29, 2018

Funds Raised: Rs. 11,00,286
Donors: 139

How did a 17-year-old find the means to positively impact the lives of women and students in several communities and villages?

Jhanvi Patel is a 17-year-old girl, but her vision surpassses her age.. While growing up, Jhanvi understood that health and education, the two basic necessities were unfortunately a luxury in her country. She saw how they preceded all other intangibles when it came to defining a good life and wished more communities could as easily access them as she could. Provoked to take action and make an effort to improve the lives of underprivileged children and women in Bhopal, Jhanvi turned to crowdfunding.

She raised over Rs 11 lakhs in 3 months on Impact Guru!

Jhanvi focused her budget plan on women’s self-help groups that worked to improve the hygiene practices of women in handpicked villages, and initiatives to improve the quality of education provided to children by renovating a school for underprivileged children and installing e-learning technology powered by solar energy. As soon as we approved her campaign, Jhanvi took the lead with her fundraiser and before we knew it, the contributions were pouring in from well-wishers that supported her noble cause.

What made Jhanvi’s crowdfunding initiative the booming success it became?

Well-written fundraiser story: Fundraisers with vague, short stories that lack emotion and detail tend to fall short quite often. Jhanvi started her story by talking about the deeply instilled family values that pushed her to do something for her community that she loved dearly and went on to clearly state what initiatives would be executed with the funds raised.

Advantaging existing networks: Jhanvi’s family had well-established professional and personal networks, courtesy of their large business endeavours. Thus, she was able to access a thriving pool of individuals with a keen interest in her causes and find and expand her network of donors easily.

Leveraging social media: Right from the start, Jhanvi ensured that friends, family and every network she could tap into was sharing her mission constantly on their social media handles like Facebook, WhatsApp and Twitter. This enabled her to reach a wide audience and spread the word easily.

Updating previous donors: Knowing that making old donors happy was just as important as finding new ones, the spirited school girl did not fall behind when it came to keeping them in the loop. On the fundraiser page, she uploaded pictures of the newly renovated school that was better equipped to take into its hands the future of hundreds of children, thanks to her generous donors and ardent supporters.

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