Raise Money for Medical Treatment

  • Pooling in small amount of funds from a large number of people online to get help in paying medical bills.
  • Using the power of Internet to seek support for medical needs and treatment.

Pay your medical bills

If you have exhausted all your savings or your loved one has met with an accident, you can raise funds on Impact Guru and seek support from your friends, family and even strangers online.

Fundraise for loved ones

Create an online fundraiser for a loved one who has been diagnosed with a life threatening illness or has met with an accident.

Fight Cancer

Raise funds online to pay for the expensive treatment of Cancer.

How it works?

Why crowdfund on Impact Guru?

  • Start a Fundraiser for Free in just 5 minutes
  • The best alternative to Health Insurance
  • End-to-end Fundraising Support on Email & Chat
  • Fully Mobile Responsive
  • Every share can be worth a donation Learn More
  • No upfront fees to be paid

Start a Medical Fundraiser

I thank the Impact Guru team for their support and for giving us a platform to crowdfund for the treatment of our teacher who met with an accident. The donations that poured in was much beyond our expectation.

Yatan Vesha student of Leelambika Srinivasan
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