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Medical Crowdfunding can help you to Raise Money for Medical Bills

Having run multiple crowdfunding fundraisers to raise money for medical bills, we understand that raising funds is the biggest challenge in a medical emergency. When you or a loved one is in need of treatment, it is an added cause of stress to collect the money. Plus, some treatments go on for a long time and bills keep piling up for the patient’s family. Crowdfunding is an easy way to get support in raising the money by starting a fundraiser online from anywhere and sharing it through family and friends.
We’ve realized that there are many in need and more who can and want to help therefore at, Impact Guru, we have made medical crowdfunding our prime focus. Through crowdfunding, we try to bring together generosity with need. And we’ve seen impactful results. We provide you 24x7 support on our platform to raise funds for medical costs and pay medical bills.
We’ve initiated a battle against the biggest killer in the world - Cancer. You can now use crowdfunding on Impact Guru to raise funds for cancer treatment too.

Why should you opt for medical crowdfunding?

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It’s easy, free and effortless

Compared to getting a loan, crowdfunding lets you to raise funds quickly (in just a few clicks!). Starting a fundraiser is free!

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Get help from those who care

Thanks to social media, help is now just a share away. Ask your friends, colleagues’ relatives etc. to donate and share your cause with their contacts.

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Reduce your financial burden

Crowdfunding helps decrease your burden by funding completely or in part, the treatment, without you having to worry about paying back the money.

Why crowdfund on Impact Guru?

  • Start a Fundraiser for Free in just 5 minutes
  • The best alternative to Health Insurance
  • End-to-end Fundraising Support on Email & Chat
  • Fully Mobile Responsive
  • Every share can be worth a donation Learn More
  • No upfront fees to be paid

How it works?

how Medical Crowdfunding works

Want to start a medical fundraiser? Know more about how crowdfunding works here.


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