Atib Flying Kisses Impact Guru & Donors to Express his Gratitude

By: Kleio Bhagwati, Suraj Pandey

Published On: September 14, 2021




Take my kidney… take my life, but please don’t let anything happen to my Atib,” cried Tipu, not so long ago when his little boy lay unconscious after brain seizures- a complication caused by fluid accumulation on his brain.


It started with initial symptoms of lethargy. Then the super happy child just stopped responding. He slumped into his mom's arms.


Atib's parents wasted no time and brought him to the hospital. He was initially diagnosed with water on his brain. Thus he was immediately rolled into the ICU. To make matters worse, the boy suffered from seizures. 


With an income of thousands, Rs 4000 a month to be precise, Tipu was asked to arrange Rs 17.25 lakh for his VP Shunt Revision Surgery. Asking around for help- from family and friends, Tipu could only arrange 20% of the goal amount. With no chances of raising further funds, Tipu wondered if his poverty would cost his son his life. 


But there was sunshine round the corner. 720 donors on Impact Guru helped raise the remaining amount- Rs 13,81,351.

Atib is back home and every time we mention Impact Guru and the donors, he quickly showers us with flying kisses. To the little boy, Impact Guru came as a life-saver.


"I was ready to sell my kidney to save my boy. But then Impact Guru came along. With the love of the donors and the support of the most customer-friendly online platform for crowdfunding, my son has begun a new life. Thank you!" - Tipu, Ayush's

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