Seeking Funds to Gainfully Employ Adults with Autism

By Ashaita Mahajan

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A big THANK YOU to all our wonderful supporters and well-wishers for their generous contributions towards #CafeArpan! The overwhelming response we have received has inspired us to raise the bar!

We have decided to increase our goal amount to Rs. 10 Lac in the hope of adding more fuel to our engine! :)

Please continue to support us by sharing our campaign with your family and friends, colleagues and neighbours, acquaintances and fellow countrymen! :p We want our story to reach out to as many people as possible!

Thank You!

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Did You Know1/68 people have autism. What do they do as adults??

Seeking Funds to Gainfully Employ Adults with Autism - story -4


YCT would like to open a cafe as a way to propagate REAL employment for adults with developmental disabilities like autism, Down Syndrome, and other disabilities. We have a proven dabba service called Arpan, and look forward to giving more individuals such community-based employment opportunities. The funds we raise will be used to cover rent for a cafe space, necessary renovations, and the initial start-up costs (advertising, equipment etc.).


Many people believe that persons with autism are unemployable so they are often relegated to sheltered workshops to keep them “occupied.” From our inception in 2014, we at YCT have consistently propagated our beliefs that persons with autism and other disabilities have enormous strengths that can serve them well in an appropriate workplace. We began our supported employment journey with the launch of our dabba service in 2015. While this venture has been a huge success, we would like to expand community-based opportunities to more such adults. We are currently limited on space and cannot employ more individuals.

Therefore, YCT would like to open a cafe as a way to propagate real employment for more adults with developmental disabilities. We envisage that the cafe would also be a meeting place for like-minded persons who believe in making this world more inclusive for all communities. 

Our adults have a lot to give back to the community. Their work ethic is strong. Their ability to complete routine tasks is unmatched. They give the most mundane of tasks their complete focus and attention, and see it through to completion.

They are a joy to be around and our environment at Arpan is always filled with laughter and positive vibes. What better way for us to grow than to open a small cafe and share these wonderful experiences with the community!

Our new venture and our current goals at YCT are aligned with the Prime Minister's vision, 'Inclusive India.' We hope that our model will work as a template for others who wish to include every member of their community in order to build a brighter, better future for our society.

Who Are We?


YCT was established in 2014 with the mission to enhance the quality of life for persons with developmental disabilities. Over the last 3 years, we have strived to create inclusive community-based activities for our team of 8 members which will assist them in becoming more responsible, productive members of their community. We currently run a daily lunch delivery service (Monday to Saturday) in our area where our team is an integral part of the preparation and distribution of all the meals. We also have weekly cooking, computer, music and dance classes where our team interacts with non-disabled teachers and volunteers.


The evolution of our little social enterprise is documented in detail on our Facebook page - click on the image below to see more! 

Seeking Funds to Gainfully Employ Adults with Autism - story -3



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NOTE: YCT has obtained the 80G certificate. All donors will receive a receipt for their contributions.

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