Help Baby Keerthisha’s heart beat for the rest of her life

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Dear All,

We have started this medical campaign to raise funds for our baby’s heart surgery. By God’s grace and extended support from good people around us, we are able to get the money required for our baby’s surgery. There are no words to express our gratitude to all of you. A heartfelt THANK YOU to everyone who have made this possible in short span of time and supporting us in our hard times. All your blessings and prayers should stay with our baby and help for speedy recovery. Once the surgery date gets fixed, we will be posting in impact guru. 

Thank you once again.


Dear All,

Myself Madhuri, On September 24th 2016 our little bundle of joy arrived into this world, we were very happy to hold our cute little baby girl in our hands. However, our happiness did not last even for one month. At the age of one month, my daughter was diagnosed that she had multiple holes (VSD) in her heart along with Large PDA. As per the doctor’s advice our baby went through Patent ductus arteriosus Closure + Pulmonary artery banding surgery at the age of one month, which costed us around 4.50 Lakhs. By God’s grace, we have arranged money in time and the surgery went well. Still the remaining holes in her heart kept open as it had to be done later and now the time has come for her to undergo one more surgery and the estimated cost for the second surgery is 6.51 Lakhs. The operation will be conducted any time between 20th July to 25th July, 2017. This time we are out of funds as much as our earnings & savings have already spent for the first surgery and medical expenses for the baby till date and we are also burdened by the costs of the treatment among other things, on daily basis.

This is where we are seeking help/support from all of you by donating generously for our daughter Keerthisha’s heart surgery. Also kindly consider spreading this message by word of mouth or any other means like Whatsapp, Facebook, LinkedIn etc., among your friends/family/acquaintances/co-workers as much as possible so we can make the maximum impact.

Our baby is everything to us with all your blessings and help we are hoping this surgery should go well. We cannot do much in return for your generosity but we will always be in your debt and this debt can be repaid by helping others in need.

Help Baby Keerthisha’s heart beat for the rest of her life - story -1

Help Baby Keerthisha’s heart beat for the rest of her life - story -2

Adversity brings out the best in us with a little support.

Thank you all in Advance.


Madhuri & Kalyan

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