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Hello! As you know, Children First moved into its second home, in Gurgaon, last week. However, much before we moved in, these premises have been home to a beautiful and playful indie who we now call Mowgli :) Now, of course, it would be highly unfair to turn him out just because we moved in. This is his home too. Yet, as we are a children’s center, safety is a big concern. So we are going to try our best to ensure a safe and happy coexistence. For starters, we have already got him vaccinated. Next in line is a shower and hygiene visit for him tomorrow by a mobile pet care van :)

 Most important, we have got in touch with a trainer who trains dogs to be therapy dogs and he is also paying Mowgli a visit tomorrow. As you can imagine, all this takes money which we did not anticipate and factor into our capital expenditure :P So I am personally reaching out to all fellow doggie and kid lovers, and the extended CF family, to ask for contributions. 

The total medical expenses and training him to be a therapy dog will cost about 40,000/-. Any contribution from you, no matter how big or small, will help us achieve our goal. Who knows, with the right training, Mowgli might end up becoming a vital part of the CF team, playing his part to build a community of concern, fun and therapeutic play for our children :)

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