Saurabh needs your help to recover from a train accident

By Anushka Pendurkar

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Thank you for your support, we are really grateful for your contribution. We have created a new fundraiser for Saurabh's ongoing treatment, request you to please go through the link below and help us raise enough funds for Saurabh's Treatment, you can also help us by sharing this with your friends and family.

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Saurabh Pendurkar is my brother. He is lying senseless in a Sion hospital bed for five days now. He has been in a local train accident that has broken his skull to pieces, damaged his lungs and rendered countless cuts and bruises on his body. 

Saurabh would board from Bandra station and travel to Malad, where he works for First Source call center. Often the seats would be full and he stood by the open door, making room for others to crowd into the coach past him and holding onto the rail to keep his place so the shoves and pushes don’t hurl him off the train. When a sudden hard jolt from unsuspecting co-passengers hit him, he lost his grip on the handrail and went flying off the speeding train and landed on the tracks. Passengers came rushing to Saurabh’s crumpled body; he was bleeding and had lost consciousness. This happened on 23rd February and has changed our world completely. We are not only full of shock but also worried to the point of sickness as to how we will get him the treatment he needs and deserves. 

On the day of the accident, a group of Good Samaritans took Saurabh to Cooper Hospital in Juhu. There was no neurosurgeon at Cooper, and his family moved him to Nanavati Hospital, Vile Parle, where doctors examined him and gave a verdict. He has gone into a coma and will need to receive intensive care for an indefinite period. His skull has fractured into pieces, his lungs are tired and infected so his breathing has become laboured, and there are too many abrasions on his body to count. He is breathing under a ventilator. He is covered with tubes to help him eat and drink and get the reviving drugs he needs. He will need a tracheostomy, eye surgery, and corrective surgeries to reconstruct his face.


We have again moved him to a Sion hospital where charges for an ICU bed are somewhat lower. We are in a position that we have to count every penny, especially because our father has retired and has a very small income, and we are a larger than average family of five. We do not have much in savings, and anxiety over Saurabh’s health clubbed with worry over how his treatment will be funded has meant sleepless nights, long and tiring brainstorming sessions, fatigue and exhaustion from stress. We have pooled all our savings and have asked for help from close friends and relatives already, but we are still nowhere close to raising the INR 25 lakhs needed for Saurabh’s treatment. 

This Impact Guru medical crowdfunding campaign is our last, desperate hope at gathering enough funds to pay for the months of Saurabh’s care that stretch out ahead. We are in dire need of every rupee that you can spare.

Each donation can mean the difference between Saurabh recovering quickly and his present helpless state. We are eager to have not just your contributions but also your blessings and good wishes. 

Help my brother by sharing our fundraiser. Stand with us in this bleak hour.

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