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By Edward B

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Sophies' medical reports are quiet bad. She has developed thrombosis in the portal vein due to which the blood flow to the liver is tampered. Heavy acsitic fluid accumulation has made it difficult for her to breathe. She has been admitted in Global Hospital for tapping of ascitic fluid. We still have no luck on O+ve donor. 

She smiles in her pain and we strongly believe that there will be a miracle. We are indebted to thank all the souls who are extending help to her with their prayers, presence, and by financial means. As the hospital bills keep mounting on us the help offered by friends, relatives and strangers is huge.

Your smallest act of kindness is the greatest help for us.

Thank you


Dear friends, brothers and sisters,

I am Edward and I place this sincere request for my wife Sophie. She has recently been diagnosed of liver cirrhosis and doctors have advised a transplant at the earliest. In March 2016, she complained of upper abdomen pain,which was thought as gastritis but blood tests and scans revealed that she was suffering end stage liver disease. For the past two years she is getting treated in Gleneagles Global Hospitals, Chennai.

Sophie is a passionate blogger, excited traveller, hiker, photography enthusiast, story writer, poet, a free spirit.Professionally she is a scientist (environmental engineering and research), and also a cheerful volunteer for several social causes. 

It is disheartening to see her suffering in pain,shortness of breath, ascites, fatigue, dizziness etc, due to which she is bedridden. She has been wait-listed on the cadaver liver recipient list, which has already taken a long time. We are trying and don’t have any luck on a live donor till now.

The surgery estimate given to us is 26.5L which is too big an amount for us. The doctors also said there will be a minimum of 5-10L more expenditure post-surgery. She gets sick very often these days, and we keep shuttling between hospital and home. We have invested most of our savings in her treatment till now.   My salary buys her medicines, monthly blood tests, emergency hospital visits and manages other household expenditure.

Kindly pray for us that we get a live O+ve liver donor, for strength, faith and hope during these tough times. Kindly help us financially to meet the exorbitant medical expenditure and please share this with your friends and relatives.

We are grateful for your prayers, best wishes and help

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