Help 15-year-old Navin Beat Blood Cancer And Become A Doctor

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By God’s grace and all your help Navin has now been discharged from the hospital.
This young boy has shown how determined he is to get his family out of the fix they’re in. Their current condition has forced this young boy to study even the day before his big operation. Not only did he manage to give but score more than 90% in the SSC board exams. The CM relief fund is also to be sanctioned for him any time soon. This boy has shown his sheer will to live and deserves all the support he can get. 

We still have a significant amount we have to pay to the hospital for which we urge you to keep sharing this fundraiser and donate as much as you can.

This boy can surely make a difference for the betterment of the country.

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“Navin wants to grow up and become a doctor. His two years of cancer treatment has made him realize the importance of doctors. He even plans to treat those in need for free.”

Radha is very proud of her son’s struggle against cancer. She has been by his side for each chemotherapy session, left her job to take care of him at home and has been taking his revision tests as he studies for his 10th grade exam, scheduled in July. 

Navin is an adamant boy himself. “He refused to be admitted into the hospital because he had an exam the next day. The doctor gave him oral medicines, he wrote his exams and was then admitted.” Navin, unfortunately started bleeding through his nose and mouth and had to skip his last two papers. But, he is confident about passing the re-exam. 

Navin has been switching hospitals for the past two years, looking for a doctor that could increase his chances. The first few doctors said he only had a 25% survival chance. But, now at Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani hospital, the doctor is confident that he can save Navin with a Bone Marrow Transplant with just a 50% donor match. 

While his father is the donor and has been admitted too, Radha feels like she is a lone warrior. “I have to juggle between Navin and his father. Apart from my brother, nobody in our families is supporting us.” Radha and her husband were in love and eloped to marry, which led the families to cut off all ties with them.

She gives in sometimes and sheds some quiet tears, but despite that, she is a strong woman. “I have sold everything, my house, my jewelry to save Navin. I just hope he gets better. I live only for him now.”

Navin on the other hand is looking forward to a life without cancer. “My treatment doesn’t allow me to eat outside food, but once I recover I’m going to eat a giant pizza each day.”  Even after an hour long radiation session, his face brims with hope.

Navin’s family has already spent close to Rs. 15 lakhs on his treatment so far. They need Rs. 30 lakhs urgently for his transplant. Your kind contributions could make all the difference in their lives. 

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