Help Abhijeet, 26 yr old undergoing GB syndrome treatment

By Anand Copparapu

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Hi Everyone, By God`s grace and all your support, Abhijeet who has been in hospital for about 25 days since being diagnosed with GB syndrome has been discharged. After a course of immuno globulin therapy and further treatment, he is showing signs of improvement. He is able to breathe without any trouble, swallow food without any issue and able to lift his hands till shoulder height. While this is encouraging, he has lost about 13 kgs in body weight, and his muscles in neck region and lower back are very weak which makes it difficult for him to get up/sit on his own. He is taking external support in order to freshen up, to eat his meals and walk for a bit daily along with physiotherapy treatment. He Is currently staying in Bangalore with his parents while following the doctors advice on the path to recovery. Thank you! for not just your contribution but for making a difference.
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Hi My name is Anand Copparapu and I am raising funds for my friend, Abhijeet Raut. He is the sole bread earner which makes it very difficult for his family to bear the expenses of his treatment. He has a father, a mother, brother He has been fighting GB syndrome. Abhijeet is in ICU currently. It is a rare disorder in which your body's immune system attacks your nerves. Abhijeet is extremely weak and not able to move any body part. These sensations can quickly spread, eventually paralyzing the whole body. He is currently receiving treatment but it will take a minimum of 10 -15 days before he starts responding and a few months before he can get back to normal life.. He is currently undergoing treatment at Columbia Asia Hospitals, Whitefields, Bangalore. He has been suffering for one month and it has been a tough time for him, family and friends. Intensive care (ICU) is his only hope at getting better and living a normal life. His treatment will cost approximately Rs. 1000000. We are unable to pay for the treatment due to All his friends are currently contributing in their capacity but it is not adequate. His medical insurance is quickly getting exhausted as cost per day in ICU is Rs. 40,000.

The funds raised will be used towards his:

  • Doctor's Consultation Charges
  • Hospital Bills
  • Medicines
  • Injections and Vaccinations

All of us are eagerly awaiting his recovery. Once he gets better, I'm sure he would love to Dance for you all! He is an amazing dancer.. Abhijeet is a young and energetic person. He is active, compassionate and volunteers in community service through his employer. Requesting all of you to kindly take a moment to help him get back to normalcy..

I request you to kindly contribute towards his treatment and help during our time of need. Each contribution is important! Kindly also share the fundraiser with your family and friends and help me reach the goal amount. We are grateful for your help!

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