Juhu Beach Resorts donates to support Didis & Drivers of Maharashtra with Impact Guru Foundation

By: Aadesh Dhote, Suraj Pandey

Published On: September 28, 2021


In this pandemic, not just the lives of the ones who got COVID-19 were at risk, but the whole population was struggling to survive. The aftermath of the lockdown prevails.

When schools shut down, the Didis and drivers of Maharashtra bore the brunt of it. 27 thousand transport employees in the state of Maharashtra didn't get paid for 14 months. They had nowhere to turn to till the situation got better. In such times, it became difficult for them to even feed their family members. Without any money coming in, what were they to do? How would they survive?

Keeping the adversities faced by the transport staff- the didis and drivers in mind, Juhu Beach Resorts with Impact Guru Foundation, donated a sum of Rs 15 lakhs as a part of their CSR activity to help 180 bus employees who truly needed support.

The funds have been used to provide financial aid to the didis and drivers to pay off their utility bills, medical bills, house rent. They were also given ration kits. Their exemplary efforts have brought a sense of stability to the lives of these staff members and helped them in these difficult times.

Please take inspiration from their efforts and come forward to donate to the people who are truly in need.

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