Undulating Donor Response Changes Desraj's Life For The Better

By: Ashwath Seshadri, Kleio Bhagwati, Suraj Pandey

Published On: August 18, 2021

An old man drives through the streets of Mumbai to make a few hundred every day. At the end of the day, he gets on the passenger side of his auto-rickshaw, lies down in the cramped place, with a sheet to protect his form from mosquitoes and the harsh nights.

This is the story of Desraj Uncle, the man who smiles through his responsibilities, nods through family tragedies (untimely demise of his two sons), and lives to inspire. 

When Gunjan found out about Desraj Uncle and his struggles, she took it upon herself to share his story with our kind-hearted donors. She began raising money for Desraj Uncle’s lifelong wish of getting his grandchildren educated. She didn’t stop there. She also decided to help him out, so that he could have a more comfortable life than the one he was leading.

When you heard the story, you could not contain your tears. The sweet-natured man in white pajama-kurta, white mask, grey hair, and shriveling skin left you feeling compassionate. Within no time, you helped Desraj Uncle raise Rs 24,00,000 on Impact Guru’s crowdfunding platform! 

With the funds raised, Desraj Uncle’s eldest granddaughter has begun pursuing her professional degree, the other grandchildren’s school fees are paid and Desraj Uncle is back in his village and enjoying a semi-retired life with his loved ones. 

This is more than a dream come true! I never had the slightest idea that people not known to me would go out of their way to give an old man like me a chance to hang his boots and enjoy the rest of my days in the hearth of my family’s love. Impact Guru, you are a magician. Thank you, Gunjan and dear donors for being the angels of my life.”- Desraj 

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