Tips for a great crowdfunding video

By: Aakanksha Parulekar

Published On: December 03, 2018

We talk about how to create impactful crowdfunding videos that will boost your campaign. Read on!

One major key to crowdfunding success is by creating a good video that sells your campaign to the potential donors and urges them to contribute to your cause. In fact, including a video in your campaign ups your chance of success by 50 percent. 

Projects and medical campaigns that are funded via crowdfunding platforms are wide-ranging. People have gotten the funding they require for their medical expenses and personal projects. But not all of these projects and campaigns do well.


Many have failed to raise what they asked for. Even well-planned and organised projects have failed. Why does this happen? It’s not enough for a crowdfunding campaign to just be powerful, it also needs to have that extra something. 

And what is that extra something you ask?.... It’s a successful video!

We give you some for sure tips for creating a successful video which will get you more potential donors.

1. Structure it:

Covering your campaigners’ video isn’t the first step when you start creating a video. Before that, comes your strategy and planning. What all information do you want included in your video? What aspect do you want to focus on more? What steps can make it more appealing to the donors? Each video has its own different style and should be catered to in a different way.

2. Tell your story:


Storytelling is a powerful way of conveying your message. There are several benefits to storytelling but at the heart of it is one irrefutable truth: everyone loves a great story! Conceptualizing is always a great idea. 

How would you want the content to be presented to the viewer? A great story grabs the viewer by the collar, pulls them inside the content and places them behind the lens. It also helps if you have a storyboard artist who can help you plan it all out on paper before you even start.

3. Set the tone of your video:

The tone of your video is essentially the mood or level of emotion you want to extract from the viewer. How will you deliver the content? Do you want to produce a heartwarming response or one of an inspiration?

You should always consider having a content writer or a creative head to draft scripts for you so that the final output of your video is a powerful one and your videos get a powerful response. 

 4. Capitalize on the first 30 seconds:

Image result for 30 seconds

According to a study in 2015, people have an attention span of only 8 seconds! This means that the crux of your message has to be delivered within the first 30 seconds of your video itself. 

The statistics say that a 30 second video has a completion rate of 88.3 percent. Ideally your video should be powerful enough to answer the question, “why does the viewer need to see and donate to my campaign?”

5. Be original:

This is single most important advice any crowdfunding platform will give you. It’s important to make an impactful video but it is also vital to be as original and genuine as possible.

This is mostly accurate for videos featuring NGOs. if you are able to accurately state your purpose, you bring the viewers closer to the most important “W of them all. The one that establishes the strongest point of emotional connectivity.

“Who are you and what purpose are you serving?”, In the end, all people want to know is what kind of a person you actually are and what is it that has motivated you to bring this idea to life?

Image result for be original

Even with the medium of videos, content remains king. If you want to draw serious interest from potential donors, you must spend more time and resources in fine-tuning your message. Once you are able to do that, the payoff will come in the form of donations which in turn will transform your vision into reality.

How crowdfunding can help

Thousands fight for their lives from fatal diseases and unforeseen medical emergencies everyday. Families are often left drained of all their savings and in need of heavy loans with high interest rates. Many also have to risk delaying or stopping treatment due to lack of funds.

crowdfunding-video-impact guru

 At Impact Guru, we believe saving lives is a service. With the help of millions of donors online, who step up to generously support friends, colleagues and strangers with contributions, we are trying to reach each and every individual across India to ensure that no life is ever lost due to lack of money. Thus, we’ve made medical crowdfunding easy and accessible to all - no matter who you are, where you are from or what you do.

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