Break your new year’s resolutions! Here are alternatives we think are better

By: Divya Kilikar

Published On: January 08, 2018

2018 is a stone’s throw away and we’re sure you’re barely digesting the eventful year that just flew by. But it’s time we rolled up our sleeves and turned over a new leaf. We’ll be making some life-changing resolutions; ones we actually go through with this time. And why not? It’s an annual routine. It’s the only way to really make a difference, right?

Wrong. We’re the most impulsive and rule-breaking generation so far. The internet encourages us to live big and limitlessly. Diesel said “Be stupid.” Adidas said “We like restless.” And we are also the most concerned and proactive generation in terms of social causes and giving. We think the best trend you can set this year is to break your resolution and replace it with something more impactful.

Here are how you can break 7 conventional resolutions this year!

1. Getting in shape

The rule: Losing/gaining weight, getting stronger, staying healthy; the idea may differ, but this one tops the list of the resolutions most made by people around the world.

Break it: Ditch the gym membership and yoga classes and challenge yourself to a 10-mile marathon to raise awareness about your favourite charitable cause!


2. Saving money

The rule: Looking back at 2017, you’re disappointed to realize you haven’t been able to afford a single weekend’s holiday to that beach across the country you’ve imagined sunbathing on or that new car you’ve wanted to buy for a while. Is it time you started saving up?

Break it: Save up to donate generously to a charity foundation instead! Giving to make a difference in someone else’s life is one of the most rewarding feelings and researchers have confirmed it makes us happier as individuals than spending on ourselves. You can browse through existing medical and social fundraisers here.


3. Eating better

The rule: Let’s face it, you can’t complain about your acne-ridden face and bad mood if you drink water once a week and binge at fast food chains. What’s a better time to start than now?

Break it: Help a poor child that can’t afford a meal instead. Find a nonprofit that works to fight malnutrition like ANNADA and support their mission by contributing to their project!


4. Learning a new language

The rule: How many times have you sworn to sign up for those Spanish classes and never seemed to find the time? While classes are a great way to learn a new language, we think there’s better alternatives to pick up a new language while absorbing a different culture.

Break it: Take a sabbatical to volunteer at an NGO in a different country! Not only will you quickly learn to converse in a different language, but you’ll experience a different culture and find a rich and rewarding experience while you give your time to a nonprofit cause.


5. Going back to an old hobby

The rule: Your old guitar has been collecting dust for a while. Your teenage dreams of becoming the next Jimi Hendrix have been coming back, so you’ve resolved to spend your free time constructively and turn to your old hobby.

Break it: We suggest you take your resolution to the next level and give free classes to underprivileged children. Whether you’re a painter, a pianist or a poet, creative skills are something poor communities can’t imagine affording for their little ones and play an important role in the developing intellect of a child.


6. Getting a new pet

The rule: Though it’s a lot of responsibility, who doesn’t want a loving dog to come back home to? Many singletons and couples around the world make resolutions around this time to get a new pet. Join them!

Break it: There are thousands of shelters with low funding, burdened and overcrowded with unwanted strays that are looking for love. Donate to an injured stray dog’s medical treatment and adopt it instead of getting a pedigreed dog! Take a look at this campaign; it's on a mission to afford 3 more ambulances to save injured animals.


7. Stop procrastinating

The rule: You've got a half-finished woodworking project at home that hasn't been touched in ages. What about that bestseller you got months ago, swearing you'd tear through it the next weekend? Your tendency to procrastinate needs to stay in 2017!

Break it: Find your drive to stay determined by trying your hand at crowdfunding right from home! Start a fundraiser for a local animal shelter you’ve loved going to or an orphanage with low infrastructure and resolve to raise over 100% of your goal this year. Find some useful fundraising tips here to start you off.

Do you have a unique idea on how we can incorporate giving to make the upcoming year more fulfilling? Let us know in the comments below!

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