Common Misconceptions About Crowdfunding, Cleared!

By: Astha & Chiara

Published On: May 05, 2021

As compared to western countries like the UK and US, online crowdfunding is a fairly new concept in India. It is understandable for you to have doubts about the fundraising process. But at some stage, these doubts often circulate and turn into common misconceptions about crowdfunding as a whole. And while this can happen with any new idea introduced, we believe that clearing these doubts is essential. Here are some of the most common concerns of many, answered.  

Yes, all the cases are genuine! We do verify them.

Making sure that our crowdfunding platform is safe for both campaigners and donors, is of incredible importance to us. While many have had fulfilling experiences, we understand that some aren’t too sure about the fundraisers they come across, given their set of experiences. We take their concerns very seriously though. 

Through our meticulous due diligence process, we make sure that we verify the fundraisers you see on our site. We also encourage all our campaigners to share clear and valid documentation. Documents like hospital receipts and doctors’ prescriptions provided, allows others to verify and better understand the details of the specific fundraiser. 

Yes, the money is being received by the patient/beneficiary 

For a medical fundraising campaign, we transfer the required amount directly to the hospital’s account. No intermediary will be involved for quick disbursement. No matter what, we make sure the amount raised reaches the patient or the beneficiary (in non-medical cases). What’s more is, if you have donated to a cause, ImpactGuru will share periodical updates with you about the progress and further requirements of the fundraiser. . You can see for yourself how the amount you contributed is helping the patient recover or helping the NGO make an impact. . There are several crowdfunding examples on ImpactGuru that have brought about a tremendous change and saved thousands of lives. 

Yes, it is safe to donate on a crowdfunding platform

The personal data submitted as documentation to our crowdfunding website is not accessible to any third party. Online fraud, especially while making digital payments, is a genuine concern. To deal with this, ImpactGuru’s website uses the highest level of SSL encryption currently available on the internet. On our fundraising site, be it starting a fundraiser, or donating to one, our platform is completely safe and secure.

If a patient passes away, where does the money go? Three words - Transparency, Accountability, And With Your Consent!

Despite complete crowdfunding assistance, it is unfortunate, but true that sometimes the disease gets the better of a patient. Sometimes, even after raising the goal amount, the patient does not survive. In such cases, we stay transparent with our donors, as well as the bereaved campaigner or their families. We update the donors about the unexpected death of the patient. We update the campaigner or their family about the amount raised. No matter what, we make sure that the funds raised are shared with the consent of all the parties concerned.

We have been rated by several campaigners as one of the best crowdfunding sites for medical expenses with our transparent approach and easy fundraising process. We have witnessed some of the most beautiful sharings through fundraising experiences. One in which the bereaved family along with the donors chose to re-donate the excess amount to another patient in need. It’s stories like these that really make our day! 

We hope this has helped solve some of your misconceptions. Still got a few questions? Talk to us on Facebook, Instagram & Twitter.