Crowdfunding Social Media Tips: Hacks To Get Faster Online Donations

By: Jasmine Marfatia

Published On: August 29, 2018

Social media is your arsenal for how to get online donations efficiently, and this article contains some social media tips for crowdfunding to help you do just that.

How crowdfunding works in India, and in fact all over the world, is through the possibility of gaining even small amounts of money from lots of people. 

But roping in so many people at a time wasn’t as easy a task as is today, and we have to be thankful to the internet for that. 

The only practical and easy way to reach out to so many people at a time, is by using social media as your go-to tool for quick reach and easy communication.

social-media There are too many ‘social media tips for a successful crowdfunding campaign’ or  in the book (or shall we say, on the internet) for how to get online donations when you are crowdfunding in India. Many of them work, and some of them don’t. 

But when it comes to crowdfunding’s best practices, a crowdfunding social media strategy is indispensable. 

Since there are too many elements of a good social media strategy that cannot be detailed in one article alone, we’ll be covering 3 incredibly useful ones:

  1. How to get online donations by using photos and videos for your campaign

  2. How to get online donations with the help of social media influencers

  3. The importance of social media shoutouts as a minimum reward

How to get online donations by using photos and videos


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Ask yourself the question - are you more likely to read six paragraphs of text when you have the option to get the same information by watching a two-minute video? The thing about the human psyche is that we are always drawn towards a humanistic touch

When you write a campaign story, you need to ensure that the audience it is targeted at, are able to relate to it - and that’s a given. But to really capture the essence of your cause, donors need to see it to connect to it. 

Visuals are a great tool to grab attention and maintain it. Hence, with any online fundraising campaign, you must make photos and videos your best friend. It adds the emotional appeal to it, and emotions are the element that evoke a sense of philanthropy. Remember, not everyone is going to scroll to read a lot of text.

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The challenge begins with capturing the donor’s attention from the very first moment a page is opened. If your page lacks visual appeal, no one is actually going to stop to see what you have to say. 

One of the main reasons that people don’t exploit the power of audio-visuals is because it may seem like a lot of work and investment is needed for it. But that is far from true. 

The digital revolution and the social media world has opened so many opportunities to get creative with audio-visuals - be it photos, videos, GIFs, or even live recording, which needs little to no preparation. All you really need is a smart phone. 

Here are some practical tips to create a creative and effective crowdfunding campaign:

  • Take advantage of the audio-visual-text combination 

  • Ensure all your images have your logo on it, for branding purposes

  • Use enticing captions to evoke emotions, and don’t be afraid to use a campaign specific hashtags on your photos and videos

  • Use high resolution images

  • There are great image and GIF editing apps you need to get

  • Post behind-the-scenes pictures and short clips to add a human touch

Photos and videos are a crucial part of your communication strategy. Especially in India where more and more people are getting comfortable with smartphones and social media, use your creativity to make your campaign stand out. 

How to get online donations with the help of social media influencers


The status of ‘celebrity’ today is no longer limited to film stars and musicians. The internet has brought people closer to together, and made communicating with celebrities, politicians, musicians, and other influencers so much easier than it ever was. 

With Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and numerous other social media platforms, anyone can contact an influencer, and even expect a response from them (quite often). This has changed the way people look at, and think about famous personalities. 

There are so many famous personalities whose fame has come from being influential on social media - this would include comedians, motivational speakers, experts from different fields like beauty, fashion, fitness, etc. And, like any other famous personality, they too could use their influence to promote good. 

Social media for crowdfunding: Why you need influencers to promote your campaign


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In the same way that social media influencers rely on the internet and social media platforms, crowdfunding websites do too. It would be safe to say then, that combining the work of a crowdfunding initiative with a social media influencer would double and triple the impact. 

Now that we know such collaborations can be groundbreaking, let’s list out some tangible benefits for campaigners:

  • Increased donations

  • Communicate your initiative to many more people

  • Grow your supporter network

  • Leverage the power of celebrity influence to persuade people to donate

  • An influencer can bring credibility and validation to your initiative

Finding the right influencers for your initiative


Collaborating with the right influencers for your specific cause will help you reach your target audience, making your promotion and communication efforts maximally worthwhile. 

As we already discussed above, social media influencers can be found in all fields and categories across the spectrum - be it social activists, environmentalists, scientists, motivational speakers, fitness coaches, health specialists and so many more. 

As a campaigner, it’s important for you to connect with those influencers that have access to people who are most likely to be interested in, and contribute towards your cause. 

For instance, if you’re running a campaign aimed at creating awareness about the rise of obesity in children, collaborating with fitness coaches, nutritionists, and other medical professionals would be a good idea. 

If you’re campaign is aimed at providing relief to victims of domestic violence, harassment or sexual assault, you may collaborate with social activists. So take the time to analyze the work of various social media influencers, and then contact them for a collaboration. 

The importance of social media shoutouts as a minimum reward


People who have supported your cause need to be told how much of an impact their contribution has made, and how many lives they have changed for the better. So as campaigner, you must be in touch with your supporters. 

Even something as small as a social media shoutout can be so important, in enhancing your donor engagement activities, and here are a few reasons why shoutouts are a great way to do it:

  • It’s a reward that costs nothing
  • Unlike physical rewards such as merchandize, or rewards like free tickets, that will add up your costs, something as simple as a social media shoutout would cost you nothing - so we’d say it’s worth investing the time!
  • Easy way to add a personal touch
  • Social media has managed to make even impersonal communication, personal. 
  • Posting a thank you not on their wall, or featuring them on your NGO’s page, is a great way to easily add a personal touch.
  • Keeps your supporter engaged

When you publicly thank or appreciate a donor’s contribution towards your cause, it’ll given them a mental boost, and make them feel better about themselves. Show your gratitude on Facebook or Twitter, and even start a conversation to keep them engaged and invested in your cause.

Reach out to friends of supporters


When you tag someone on Facebook or post on their wall, their friends get to see it as well. This way, you’re increasing your visibility, as well as reaching out to other potential donors who might be interested to join in on your initiative as well. The more the merrier when it comes to crowdfunding!

No matter the cause you’re raising money for, how crowdfunding works in India is by appealing to, and engaging the masses, and social media is one of the easiest and most inexpensive ways to do it.

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